If live music makes your heart beat İstanbul is the city where festivals in the summer bring world famous singers and not only Turkish but also thousands of listeners from neighboring countries attend. Every month of the year is a fast paced and active for the music lovers in Istanbul. Come and experience the variety of exciting international music festivals throughout the year.

Istanbul is a destination of music festivals for all seasons and tastes. World famous stars of music of almost every genre perform in Istanbul and the city remains as one of the major stops of the global tours of the megastars.

here is the most famous festivals:

Akbank Jazz Festival: Akbank Jazz Festival is one of the major festivals that bring together renowned musicians in Istanbul, taking place at numerous venues spread all over the city.

Istanbul Music Festival: Classical music fans flock to Istanbul for a music marathon with the Istanbul Music Festival welcomes world stars of classical music

Chill Out Festival: Chill Out Festival brings famous electronic and trance music performers from all over the world in the summer.

One Love Festival: One Love Festival hosts international rock stars, is also one of Istanbul’s best events, the first open air music festival of the summer season.

Istanbul Jazz Festival: Istanbul Jazz Festival presents a remarkable variety of music from jazz to rock, pop and world music performances in different venues in Istanbul. This festival regularly brings world class jazz performers to the city.

Rock’n Coke: Rock’n Coke is one of Istanbul’s most popular events for rock lovers, held every two years and spans over three nights.